Through the roof at Honley

Through the Roof at Honley 19 Jan 2011 Posted

As domestic roof structures go they don’t get much more complex than the one that’s taken shape at a new build property in Honley near Huddersfield.

The stunning five-bedroom residence, being constructed by local builder John Marsden, owner of J P Marsden Construction Ltd as his family home, has utilised U-Roof, an innovative cold rolled steel roofing system targeted at architects, housebuilders and self build enthusiasts.

John was keen to generate as much attic space as possible across the span of the build and he was delighted with the end result: “We looked at all sorts of other options but none had the flexibility or ability to fulfil the brief until we came across U-Roof.

“The roof is quite a large and complicated one for a new build with steep pitches and I was struggling to make any headway with truss manufactures until I tried U-Roof for a quote. I wanted to create attic accommodation and trusses were proving far too complicated with all the steel beams required and the truss people didn’t seem to want the challenge!

To assemble the main roof structure took around two days for the floor joists, three days for the roof panels with the help of a teleporter and extending jib with the fine tuning taking another couple of days. With trusses those timescales would have been doubled or trebled.

There were not any complications as the whole U-Roof system screwed together as kit form. I was amazed at how the software produces a structure with the exact dimensions required. No need for a joiner on site and no need for specialist tools or skilled contractors.”

A growing number of builders across the UK and further afield are discovering the cost efficiencies and environmental benefits of the U-Roof system.

The U-Roof system utilizes an easily connectable u-shaped section, is fully bespoke in nature and is manufactured by cold rolling galvanized steel strips into the required length and shape using bespoke machinery at the U-Roof headquarters in West Yorkshire. The system’s inventor and Director David Thurston commented:

“The main issues we had with this project were the sheer complexities of the roof design with 15 different roof surfaces and two different pitches used. In addition we were catering for the loadings imposed from a ¾ size snooker table and two different eaves levels. The specification also required us to incorporate exposed timbers as a feature at eaves level known as sprocketed eaves. The solution we provided was by fixing the rafters over the ends of the U-Roof panels and within the thickness of the warm roof insulation. This enabled the contractor to position the timbers evenly around the building to create the desired effect. John would have had difficulty achieving this using traditional methods particularly considering the complexity of roof plan. Traditional timber joists are prone to erosion in a number of ways including damp, infestation, shrinkage and twisting and can often prove highly impractical and too costly for bespoke projects such as this one in Honley. In conjunction with complementary insulation products the system exceeds all British targets for construction energy efficiency and is a perfect fit with the ethos and objectives of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) as well as the Code for Sustainable Homes, a set of guidelines introduced in May 2008 that measures the sustainability of a new home against categories of sustainable design and rates the ‘whole home’ as a complete package.”

John concluded:

“I will openly admit that I was sceptical at first but once the roof arrived on site I could see that it would work and I’ve become a real convert to the advantages of U-Roof.”