Timber Frame Houses


How does it compare to traditional timber systems?

Not only does the cost of the U-Roof system compare favourably with timber and other methods of construction it also has the added benefits of saving on:-


The roof can be manufactured, installed and made watertight within a day**


 No skilled tradesmen needed to install – the lightweight sections mean eliminated need for costly lifting equipment

The comparison table below is for illustration purposes only. Each application is bespoke and prices based on a number of variables including roof pitch, dormer types, achievable spans etc. Please ask for details.

FINK TRUSS▪ Cheap & cheerful▪ Lightweight timber systemApprox. £28 / m²
▪ Predominantly cold roof system▪ Not very strong
▪ Pitched roof▪ Unusable “loft” space
ATTIC TRUSS▪ Similar to above but have “room” built in▪ Heavy requiring craneApprox. £43 / m²
▪ Individual trusses▪ Typically supplied in kit form providing 90% of roof with roofer “filling” in remaining areas with cut timber
TRADITIONAL CUT ROOF▪ Roof space packed with timber “sticks”▪ Cut and fit by joinerApprox. £60 / m²
▪ Minimal useable space▪ Increased waste due to “cut roof” nature
▪ Organic material absorbing moisture▪ Many complications
PANELLISED ROOF (eg. SIPS)Structural Insulated Panels▪ Can offer warm roof but needs specialists to design and installApprox. £40 / m²
▪ Cold bridging issues due to panel construction
▪ Typically insulation between rafters


▪ Room in the roof as standard

Approx. £30 – £45 / m²


▪ Semi-skilled person to install
▪ No cranes
▪ Fast manufacture / install / watertight times
▪ Roof saves on time and resources
▪ Enables future-proofing of property
▪ Panalised construction
▪ Hips, valleys & ridges created easily
▪ Reduced construction phase insurance costs due to  non combustible nature of material
▪ Factory enabled precision & consistency
▪ No rotting, warping or infestation