Timber Frame Houses


U-Roof timber frame houses can add the focal point to the appearance of your home. Our professional team are focused on creating an appealing look using exceptional techniques. High-class fabrication and installation give us top quality results on all of our projects, both large and small. Timber frames are very flexible, which allows us to work closely with our customers through the design process to make sure that they are completely satisfied with the final design. Our impressive timber frame home designs are not only built to the highest possible standard, but they are also competitively priced.

timber frame houses

Our Timber Frame Houses Standards

Delivering the highest-quality homes is our top priority. Our expert team have years of experience and work with remarkable attention to detail. We comply with all current building standards and regulations. U-roof carefully select suppliers for the materials we use so that we can be sure we are only working with the highest quality wood. All of our services are competitively priced and tailored to your requirements. Get in touch now to arrange a free consultation.

How does it compare to traditional timber systems?

Not only does the cost of the U-Roof system compare favourably with timber frame house and other methods of construction it also has the added benefits of saving on:-


The roof can be manufactured, installed and made watertight within a day**


 No skilled tradesmen needed to install – the lightweight sections mean eliminated need for costly lifting equipment

The comparison table below is for illustration purposes only. Each application is bespoke and prices based on a number of variables including roof pitch, dormer types, achievable spans etc. Please ask for details.

FINK TRUSS▪ Cheap & cheerful▪ Lightweight timber systemApprox. £28 / m²
▪ Predominantly cold roof system▪ Not very strong
▪ Pitched roof▪ Unusable “loft” space
ATTIC TRUSS▪ Similar to above but have “room” built in▪ Heavy requiring craneApprox. £43 / m²
▪ Individual trusses▪ Typically supplied in kit form providing 90% of roof with roofer “filling” in remaining areas with cut timber
TRADITIONAL CUT ROOF▪ Roof space packed with timber “sticks”▪ Cut and fit by joinerApprox. £60 / m²
▪ Minimal useable space▪ Increased waste due to “cut roof” nature
▪ Organic material absorbing moisture▪ Many complications
PANELLISED ROOF (eg. SIPS)Structural Insulated Panels▪ Can offer warm roof but needs specialists to design and installApprox. £40 / m²
▪ Cold bridging issues due to panel construction
▪ Typically insulation between rafters


▪ Room in the roof as standard

Approx. £30 – £45 / m²


▪ Semi-skilled person to install
▪ No cranes
▪ Fast manufacture / install / watertight times
▪ Roof saves on time and resources
▪ Enables future-proofing of property
▪ Panalised construction
▪ Hips, valleys & ridges created easily
▪ Reduced construction phase insurance costs due to  non combustible nature of material
▪ Factory enabled precision & consistency
▪ No rotting, warping or infestation