Warm Roof Construction

warm roofAn additional layer is laid on a roof for warm roofing structure that insulates or reflects the heat. It will make entire building structure warm to resist cold bridging. Warm roof insulation has different construal processes, but the Sarking is one who is justifying the design of warm roof structure. Vapour roof membrane is for sealing the structural deck and right above rigid insulation is laid to cover the gaps. Waterproof roofing membrane is put additionally on the top. Warm roof construction has to adhere all the building rules and regulations strictly. U-roof is known for versatile roofing solutions for multiple spectrums. Do up approaches have been introduced for existing roofs, in order to get an ecological warm roofing structure.

Warm Roof Construction details

Warm roof installation doesn’t require ventilation after positioning of the roof deck. It protects the roof structure from extreme weather conditions. Warm roof eliminates the condensation risk and keeps it warm. Such roofing construction is being considered for the standard form of roof construction. U-roof aims to install high-quality roofing structures for meeting the needs of our customers. Our stable structures are containing high-quality waterproofing membranes and vapour layer to avoid the interruptions.

U-Roof Insulation

Figuring out the right type of insulation is essential. U-roof skilled experts consider below factors just to give the high-performance insulation for constructing warm roofs.

  • U-value of the roof
  • Build-up thickness to accommodate roof level
  • Traffic level before and after construction
  • Fire resistance mechanisms
  • Acoustic performance
  • Climate variations
  • High-level Compressive strength is required
  • Closeness with other roofing layers

U-roof is taking pride for high-quality warm roofs that have higher compatibility rate with all kind of waterproofing layers. Our ground-breaking roofing solutions are being preferred for all Building units including domestic buildings, commercial buildings, Garages, roofs and garden areas. Light gauge steel framing system is offering thermal insulation for ideal warm roofs. Our roofing structure is efficiently resisting moisture and freezing effects, also having the excellent compressive strength to withstand the load. Our highly experienced professionals are striving hard for bringing more revolution in their techniques to ensure minimum installation time.

We are excelling in the industry for more than 20 years and proud of being a top-notch choice for our valuable customers. Get our remarkable services at cost-effective rates. U-roof is not only known for high-performance services but for excellent prior planning which is hard to see anywhere.

Our long lasting roofing solutions is key to our success. Get our exceptional warm roofs for your warmest winters