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    U-Roof installation – Simplicity in itself

    With more than four decades of experience in the design, detailing and fabrication of modular steel buildings and ancillary products to the UK construction industry and twenty years on-site experience in the manufacture, delivery, fitting and erecting of these elements, U-Roof’s management team and staff are now the first truly dedicated manufacturing specialist to offer a viable full LGSF walling & roofing solution to meet today and tomorrow’s high standards for insulation, program costs and best value partnering. From first design concepts, design, manufacture, fabrication, delivery and handover, U-Roof and our partners are able to manage the full design interrelation between varying component parts, ensuring a seamless approach to a design and complete peace of mind for architects, contractors,developers and self builders alike.

    Learn more about how simple U-Roof systems installation process.

    Typically a 100 square metre “Room-in-the Roof” can be rolled in under one hour with installation taking four to five hours. A typical detached property can be rolled within three hours with installation of the frame taking three to four days**.

    A typical roofing project includes ALL floor joists, ceiling, cheek wall support and roof panels – which can incorporate openings. Additionally, gable walls, internal partitioning and a multitude of different dormer assemblies are also available.

    Installation and assembly of home extensions and panels have been made easier as a result of the manufacturing process. The system will arrive on site with no packaging and no need for treatment or special storage requirements and there’s no waste! Arriving as flat packed or cubed sections they will be ready for installation immediately.

    The floor joists are temporarily boarded to provide a safe and clear working area. The main roof panels are first to be erected after having been secured to pre-punched holes in the floor joist.

    Next to be installed are the cheek walls. The panels are made to precise dimensions during manufacturing and marked up accordingly for ease of installation. Our specialist designed, modern and patented u-shaped profile allows for the simple fixing and assembly of the u-framed structure regardless of the roof pitch angle or wall position. The final stage of the installation are the ceiling panels.

    The U-Roof system allows any self-builder, main contractor, social or private house builder to rapidly install the roofing structure for domestic or light commercial building. The product can be installed in hours allowing roof works to be completed sooner giving a weather resistant structure in under one day.

    Installation of wall panels follows a similar approach to timber framing although can be direct fixed to a concrete raft foundation or strip foundations. Close attention is paid to any possible cold bridging risks and overcome at the design stage. The beauty of a full U-Roof light gauge steel framing system is that all elements have been designed with total compatibility in mind.

    **Subject to variables – please ask for details*