Steel Framing System & Warm Frame Construction


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Over three years in development the U Roof Limited Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) patented Modern Method of Construction (MMC) matches current and future building regulations and environmental targets and maximises the management of offsite construction (OSC).






Whether you are a self builder embarking on building your own house for the first time or a developer/contractor looking for cost savings, better performance or safer methods that also reduce building time, chances are you have come to the right place. Using the patented U Roof Limited Light Gauge Steel Frame solution you’ll benefit from the consistency, efficiency and accuracy of factory controlled manufacture – emphasizing the superior characteristics of an inorganic, hot dip galvanized structure allowing increased spans and achievable room space (comparing with traditional timber frame “alternatives”), a 200 year minimum expected lifespan when used in a warm frame construction and affordability.






The beauty of the U Roof Limited Light Gauge Steel Frame system is in its versatility to lend itself to almost any frame application regardless of the complexity. Simple duo pitched roofs can be put up in next to no time – with minimal experience required. Full frame buildings in a dramatically reduced build program. For self-builders who like to do much of the build themselves the headache and logistics of heavy truss installation or hot rolled steels is virtually eliminated due to the lightweight and easy to handle nature of our panelised construction. The relatively simply way in which complex roofs can be constructed means a reduced requirement for many years building experience. Cost neutral but much more beneficial than the traditional timber framed houses or roof frame structures the innovative U Roof Limited Light Gauge Steel Frame solution really is the logical solution.

With U-Roof you get a “Room-in-the-Roof” as standard and it also ticks many of the boxes towards the Code for Sustainable Homes.

This website will show you how easy it is (once designed) to potentially manufacture, install and make watertight a roof within just one day and full frame buildings up in a fraction of the time…