lightweight for simpler delivery and Installation


Delivery and Installation could not be simpler

Panels (typically not exceeding 2.4m in width or 90 Kg in weight) are simply laid flat and stacked together for ease of transportation using our bespoke stillages. Once our delivery has been made these can simply be slid out the back of the stillages or the entire stillage can be offloaded for unloading at ground level. The lightweight panels are capable of being readily erected on site, often without the need for a crane, which substantially reduces construction time and costs. We will work with you to ensure the delivery suits site conditions & access – please make us aware of any specific delivery restrictions or constraints.

On-site the precision panels are erected by hand either at ground level or in situ to form a series of three dimensionally braced modules. These sections exhibit a high degree of structural rigidity, both laterally and longitudinally. In effect we have created a series of lightweight truss frames with additional bracing along ridges, eaves, hips and valleys.

The high strength to weight ratio characteristic of this type of structure provides contractors and developers with the opportunity to build roof structures at ground level to a variety of specifications and degrees of completion under controlled conditions, without the onerous H&S implications involved in safe working at height. (Our design team will make recommendations for safe lifting practice.)