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    Benefits of prefabricated Garages, houses & Buildings

    Steel frame prefabricated buildings can be used for many purposes and the the light gauge steel frame roofs supplied by U-Roof Limited are an innovative way to put a roof on any kind of building whether it is a prefabricated barn, a prefabricated garage or a prefabricated house. The benefits of prefabricated buildings start with the low costs which can make a huge difference to the final price of the project. In addition, it is safer to erect and you achieve better performance using the patented method from U-Roof Limited. The controls that are monitored at the factory mean consistent quality and accuracy for all orders. There is also the increased lifespan to consider as a light gauge steel prefabricated building will last far longer than traditional wood frames. U-Roof Limited expects such constructions to last for around 200 years without any need for maintenance and the roof can be fitted in just 2 days. Versatility is another benefit to be gained by constructing prefabricated houses or garages. The steel frame can be adapted to any design of building no matter how complicated the plans.

    U-Roof Limited For The Best Prefabricated Buildings

    Established for over 40 years, U-Roof Limited has a full team of experienced designers and fitters who are experts in the construction of prefabricated barns and houses. Replacement roofs can be fitted to existing structures or you can have a bespoke new roof for your new build home. U-Roof Limited delivers large and small orders so if you have a large housing project that requires fast and efficient light gauge steel roof frames this company is the answer to all your needs. Designing, producing and fitting new roofs is the speciality of U-Roof Limited but the business will also provide prefabricated garages and barns on a supply only basis. Whether you want design and installation or even onsite training for erecting a prefabricated house, U-Roof Limited will oblige. In addition, the engineers provide a step by step guide and you get full telephone and email support if you choose to fit the roof yourself.

    If you want a prefabricated building you can contact U-Roof Limited through the website contact form or email On the website there is a list of information that is required by the business and if this is sent with the enquiry it will speed up the response time to your query.