A Meccano Style approach roofing

A meccano stye approach to roofing

Huddersfield-based developers Oakstown Properties raised the roof quite literally recently when it came to the creation of extra space in two new build properties.

The firm, headed up by Sean Gantley, utilised a contemporary roofing system called U-Roof which, to the uninitiated, resembles a giant gleaming silver Mecanno-style structure for two adjacent homes in a quiet residential West Yorkshire street.

A growing number of developers, architects and housebuilders across the UK and further afield are discovering the cost efficiencies and environmental benefits of using the U Roof u-shaped cold rolled steel structure as Sean explained:

“I found out about U-Roof through Archibalds, my local builders merchants, and it soon became clear that it offered a lot of advantages especially in terms of saving time and money when it came to the roof construction. The roofs both had a 7 foot by 10 foot footprint in order to accommodate a large en-suite bathroom and we were able to maximize the available space by using this particular system. The roofing structure for both premises arrived flat-packed in one easy delivery and were cut to the exact required measurements by U-Roof’s in-house computer software. They were both easily installed, using a minimum amount of tooling and expertise, over a three day period with absolutely no complications. That’s a rarity with projects such as this.

In the past I’ve used roofing timbers and these can often present a logistical nightmare when it comes to installation and eat in to the available space.

It certainly strikes me that if you require a ‘room in the roof’ then there can be few better options than U-Roof but essentially it’s suitable for any design.”

The U-Roof system utilizes an easily connectable u-shaped section, is fully bespoke in nature and is manufactured by cold rolling steel strips into the required length and shape using bespoke machinery at their headquarters in West Yorkshire.

U-Roof inventor and Director David Thurston commented:

“Sean’s project in Huddersfield is a perfect example of how the system can help to create a room in the roof and ticks many of the boxes with regard to the latest sustainable and environmentally friendly building requirements. The lightweight, high strength steel beams can be easily moved and fixed into place by just two workers with no specialist skills or tools, usually without the use of a crane and it provides for optimum space once assembled. It’s clear that traditional timbers are prone to damp , infestation, shrinkage and twisting and can often prove highly unwieldy, impractical and time consuming for small scale self build projects.”

The Code for Sustainable Homes, introduced in May 2008, measures the sustainability of a new home against categories of sustainable design and rates the ‘whole home’ as a complete package.

David added:

“U-Roof’s structure provides for a high performance warm roof design and is equally as effective within cold roof environments. It works in tandem with every type of traditional and contemporary roof coverings which can all be slotted in place with ease. It exceeds all British targets for construction energy efficiency with insulation and is a perfect fit with the ethos and objectives of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).”

Sean of Oakstown Properties is delighted with the end result:

“This really does represent the future of roofing with so many applications and I, for one, will be helping to spread the word!”