one 17’s Delamere Gardens – Vaulted Ceiling

One 17’s Delamere Gardens – Vaulted Ceiling

Hidden away in a leafy residential area of West Yorkshire there’s a quiet revolution taking shape that showcases true British innovation and could well help to change the nature of roofing. This roof, U Roof Ltd’s seventh for this site alone, features a fully vaulted ceiling with raised eaves construction with large central roof light – a challenge to any traditional method of construction.

Delamere Gardens, a new development of 13 detached houses in the Fixby area of Huddersfield, is utilising a steel roofing system called U-Roof – already a big hit with house builders and self build enthusiasts across the UK. U-Roof is a cold rolled panelised steel system developed in 2008 by engineer David Thurston. Since then it has attracted the interest of a growing number of architects and builders and is in situ at hundreds of residential and commercial premises up and down the country.

Manufactured using specialist machinery in Elland, the advantages offered by U-Roof are manifold with efficiency top of the list in terms of time and cost savings. It ticks all of the boxes in regard to the Code for Sustainable Homes, does not warp or suffer infestation and requires little in the way of specialist tools or expertise during the construction process.
Recent research by the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) has revealed that when used within a warm frame construction, the hot dipped galvanised steel sections are resilient and strong enough to achieve an incredible 250-year lifespan – easily absorbing anything the infamous British weather can throw at it.

Richard Graham of Graham Construction Ltd heads up the team on site at Delamere Gardens on behalf of developer MD One Ltd and architects One17 AD. He’s a definite convert to U-Roof:

It’s a fantastic roofing system that I’m using on all of the properties here. It offers so many advantages over more traditional approaches to roofing. It’s a bit like Meccano in that it is very flexible from a design perspective, goes up in a tiny fraction of the time taken to create a conventional roof and delivers far more room in the roof for the home owner. The housebuilding industry can be slow to adopt radical changes but I would urge architects and builders everywhere to take a serious look at U-Roof. It certainly fits the bill here at Delamere Gardens with its bespoke nature giving each home a unique feel and look – the vaulted ceilings on this plot proving its adaptability.

Jonathan Budd of One17 Design is similarly enthused:

As with any new approach there was initial scepticism as to whether it would it could meet structural and spatial requirements but all of those concerns soon dissipated as we saw each home take shape.

From an architects point of view it gives us so much more flexibility to create a lot more room in the roof and each individual roof is specifically designed using 3D CAD so it works like clockwork with virtually no on-site adaptations required

Inventor David Thurston is delighted with the progress made at Delamere Gardens:

This is one of many housing developments that have successfully adopted the U-Roof system. It transforms the nature of home construction on many levels.

Each roof is individually designed at our head office and then the steel is cold rolled into the required dimensions, assembled into panels then delivered to site – generally within one flat pack lorry load. The interest we’re seeing right now from architects, house builders, self-build enthusiasts and housing associations in the process of creating new build projects or roof extensions is very encouraging and reveals an openness to change.
We’ve seen particular interest in our whole house frame solutions – enabling installation times to be slashed, build costs significantly reduced and the structure of the build to take place outside the “critical path”.
This method of providing a warm frame envelope, that is 99% watertight, allows first fix trades to commence far sooner than would do traditionally and the external leaf to be constructed either when convenient or possible. Our unique roofing system allows previously discounted complex steel roofs to marry with our wall system with ease and the full benefits of a steel warm frame solution be realised. It’s the perfect structure for a high performance warm frame design and is equally as effective for cold roof environments such as agricultural outbuildings and garages. It’s flexible enough to work with every type of traditional and modern insulation and roof covering and exceeds all the targets in terms of energy efficiency. Our installations have revealed that on a like for like basis it goes up markedly quicker than a traditional timber roof particularly when complex roof shapes and design features are involved. It’s proved itself a better choice during the inclement weather we’ve experienced over the last few years and is unaffected by rain or cold. This allows work to continue through all weathers without the requirement of protective coverings.

A perfect fit with the ethos and objectives of Modern Methods of Construction, the U-Roof revolution is clearly gathering pace with Delamere Gardens very much in the vanguard