We believe in what we do and are proud of our work and our reputation. However, it’s easy for us to say so, but don’t just take our word for it. These testimonials are from customers, both past and present, who think our buildings and roofs are worth shouting about – from self builders, builders & architects – copies of which can be made available upon request.

“We have just moved into our new home and just wanted to put pen to paper to say thank you to all at the factory.
I first saw this product 2 years ago and liked how fast the frame was erected.The main feature of the product was the roof design,looking to build my own house and maximise every inch of area,your product takes away the need for purlins and load bearing walls in the roof area. Our house now has 2 excellent bedrooms, bathroom,boiler room and walk in wardrobe,in the roof space.
I must congratulate you on the price of the product,how easy you all were to deal with, nothing was a problem. The product arrived on site on the agreed date and your driver was always willing to go the extra yard
Erecting the walls laying the floors and fitting the roof was all done within 5 days ,a big thank you to Mark from U Roof who organised the fitting of the steel work and worked just as hard as all my employees
I enjoyed the build so much I am currently looking for my next project.
Graham Beevers”



“Due to the unique way the system works we decided straight away to convert the attics of the 2 smallest plots into another bedroom due to the amount of potentially wasted space. The engineered frames arrived on site as planned and were efficiently erected, to program, by the U Roof team. As a first project using the U Roof Full Frame System we opted for a supply and fix solution although moving forwards U Roofs methodical approach has given us the confidence to tackle the next project ourselves.
I have to say the system and setup with U Roof has met our high performance specification and exceeded our expectations in terms of quality, consistency and overall service.”



“Just thought i would send a couple of images (will send more in due course) and say, thank you all in place in less than a day.
Great service from beginning to end, and Michael your delivery driver what a star.
Many thanks,David”

& Self Builder


“Dear Chris
Just a quick note to say how delighted we have been with your service, from initial design phase to delivery and erection on site. In particular your attention to detail has been fantastic as well as your flexibility. Already looking forward to working with you on the next scheme.
Kind Regards Andrew”



“The NHBC Standards have over 6 pages of details that need consideration with respect to differential movement and settling in timber frames. With steel being an inorganic material we don’t expect any potential snagging issues we’ve had to account for previously as the frame won’t shrink, settle, warp nor absorb moisture. The speed at which the houses were made watertight was impressive and something that would prove hard to match over the frosty winter months ahead. The U Roof team have confirmed that Modern Methods of Construction provide a viable, cheaper although premium solution to traditional methods of construction.”



“Having seen the URoof system first hand I would choose to specify this as opposed to timber mainly because of its speed. I can also see the safety benefits from construction on the ground. There’s less man hours and issues concerning safety for people working on site especially at heights – this is another big plus!”



“Having used the URoof system I would not now go back to timber; I cannot see any benefits in doing this. With this system we save space, time and money.”



“We chose to use the URoof system instead of timber when we found a number of rotten timbers on a barn conversion for one of our clients. The client wanted us to use a material that was maintenance free.”

– JEREMY HORTON, KLH Projects Builder

“I would wholeheartedly recommend a steel system such as this to others if they were in a position to fit it themselves. This would make it both time efficient and cost effective as they are crucial considerations for any self builder.”

– MARK HIGGINS, Wexford, Ireland – SelfBuilder


“The lightweight structure really appealed to me from a health and safety perspective and it’s perfectly suited to creating ‘room in the roof’ as it employs a warm roof design to maximise internal roof space. The URoof design service was first rate and they kept in touch on a regular basis. For me the accuracy of fit and speed of initial assembly were the two major advantages and it’s a system that I would definitely recommend.”

– NEIL SUGGETT, Bristol Self Builder


“The engineering is excellent and the whole frame LGSF house looked great once complete. he climate up here would have made it difficult to work with a timber frame especially during a year that was one of the wettest on record! The levels of air tightness will stay consistently high for years to come due to the fact that, unlike timber frames, the steel won’t shrink, warp or rot and will not develop draught gaps.”

– BRIAN ORPIN, Livingstone, Scotland Self Builder


“Working with timber, particularly in the roof area, can be tricky and time consuming at the best of times and I genuinely feel that steel systems, such as URoof Ltd, are the future. There was a significant amount of hot rolled steels previously specified to get the roof to work but the U Roof system managed to remove 90% of that – along with the requirement for heavy lifting equipment needed to get them in place. The flat to pitched roof had the potential to incur some expensive additional costs through possible crane hire, cranked beams & a cut timber roof but the U Roof system nipped these costs in the bud.
Wherever you are in the UK you certainly can’t leave timber to the elements in a build project. There’s no such trouble with steel. It’ll take whatever comes its way.Whether you’re a self builder or a house builder this saves time and money, pure and simple.”

– EDWARD MCGEADY, Wiltshire Builder


“As with any new approach there was initial scepticism as to whether it could meet structural and spatial requirements but all of those concerns soon dissipated as we saw each home take shape.
From an architects point of view it gives us so much more flexibility to create a lot more room in the roof and each individual roof is specifically designed using 3D CAD so it works like clockwork with virtually no onsite adaptations required.”



“As a product in my mind the building process had been done off site. My building was out of square and with the adjustment built in to the system everything lined up and all bolts fitted first time. One thing it has done is made me realise how difficult it would have been to try and use timber. The U Roof system has made my biggest problem on the project become the smallest. I cant sing its praise enough.”



“It’s a fantastic roofing system that I’m using on all of the properties here. It offers so many advantages over more traditional approaches to roofing. It’s a bit like Meccano in that it is very flexible from a design perspective, goes up in a tiny fraction of the time taken to create a conventional roof and delivers far more room in the roof for the home owner. The housebuilding industry can be slow to adopt radical changes but I would urge architects and builders everywhere to take a serious look at URoof. It certainly fits the bill here at Delamere Gardens.”