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Too Much Salt Isn’t All That Bad

Corrosion from the elements is an important factor to take into consideration, even though when installed the U-Roof system should be fully protected by insulation and the cladding of the roof. However as part of the ongoing research and development of the U-roof system it was decided to test a sample of the system to determine its robustness under the harshest of conditions.

As small sample of the main U shape and rafter section using connected using our standard flush riveting technology was placed in a salt sprayer for 96 hours of continual testing. From examining the sample no detrimental corrosion has occurred and the joint between the two pieces is still resistant under loading, with no dimensional changes. Although the test may be an excessive example of this kind, defiantly proves the resilience of steel in these conditions especially when compared to traditional truss systems.

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U-Roof Brief

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